We are Texans.
We Are United. 
And we are worth it.

There’s too much at stake in Texas not to have a voice.

Texans are fighting for our families, our future and our state.

We need leaders who will represent and govern for all of us, across our races, backgrounds and genders.

That’s why we’re standing up and speaking out.

We know our worth.

And we’re not going to let anyone forget it.

#KnowOurWorth is a movement to break through the noise with a consistent message we all echo across Texas to advocate for all of our issues.
We aim to make a proactive, compelling and mobilizing case for leaders in Texas who will represent and govern for all of us, no matter our races, backgrounds and genders. 

Organizing in Texas?

Digital Tools and Resources Are Critical for the #KnowOurWorth Movement.
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We are worth the investment. the time. the effort. the fight. standing up for. MORE.

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